“Stuck” at the Airport & What I learned

Hey guys,

Been a while but I’m alive! I actually have been traveling a lot lately and that makes me so happy since I love it so much. So about two weeks ago when I came home for Christmas break, I missed my flight and had to stay in the airport for several hours and let me just say it was quite the experience! So the night before my flight, I had my last final which was mentally draining and very exhausting so I just ended up falling asleep too early. And that resulted in me missing my flight and taught me some lessons I learned from being “stuck” at the airport for 6 hours.


  1. Pack and get everything done the night before- Whether you’re flight is in the morning like mine was or even in the afternoon or evening, that’s no excuse to leave everything to the last minute and stress out. I made the mistake of waiting till morning and that wasn’t helpful at all as you can imagine!!
  2. DON’T OVERPACK- I over highlight this because it’s so easy to overpack when you have a big luggage and you’re basically shopping from your own closet. I got a big luggage just for my trip because I thought I would need it but instead it turned out to be a huge mistake and something I shouldn’t have done.
  3. Be a minimalist- After seeing how annoying and perhaps embarrassing it was to find out that I overpacked and had to even out my luggages in the baggage checking line and also not enjoying my whole travel experience from having to carry so many heavy luggages, I realized that I want to live my life simply and minimize the amount of clothes I have and other materialistic things as well.
  4. Make your time count- Get everything done early and most importantly get to the airport early! Once something unfortunate like missing your flight happens there’s really nothing you can do but wait for your next one, so while you’re there do something productive like I promoted my newest youtube video that day and had a bit of fun on instagram and snapchat. Oh and don’t forget to walk around and take some pics.

image (6).jpeg

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