About Me


My name is Yabi Addison. I’m 18 and I’m passionate about a lot of things. I’m really excited to share whats in my mind with you all. I love decorating and making my own creative DIYs and living a compassionate and kind vegan lifestyle. My passion for decorating began the summer before high school started and I wanted to change up my pink, girly middle school room with boyband posters and ugly curtains. With watching loooooots of decor Youtube videos, I was able to find my style and completely change up my room. That also inspired me to start my own Youtube channel focused on room decorating and vegan videos. Mooooving on, my switch to a vegan lifestyle was one of the most unexpected yet best decisions that I’ve ever made. I switched to this lifestyle in order to get rid of acne for good and have clear skin, after reading an article about two twins who transformed their skin by a vegan diet. I was really inspired by these two girls and related with their struggles and jumped on the bandwagon. As for my acne, after 6 months of being vegan I’ve had both ups and downs. It’s still not completely gone yet but has made a dramatic difference. Different things factor into this though, such as skincare, water intake, workouts and practicing good hygiene.

I’m also very much into adventure and traveling so I’ll be posting updates on such hobbies of mine. I love writing, making youtube videos and sharing my ideas and experiences with you guys. I’m excited for you to go on this journey with me as I enter college and go on new adventures.


Live life colorfully

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