What I Eat on a Road trip as a Vegan

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Road trips are so much fun and just traveling in general is just one of my favorite things. But when you’re in the middle of nowhere it’s tricky to find foods to eat so you should always have some snacks with you like … bananas of course. Eventually though you’re gonna get hungry and want a filling meal so I’m gonna give you some great  ideas on places to go to and what to get when you’re on a road trip traveling. Before leaving for school I made a quick trip to Santa Cruz with my mom and had a lot of fun eating great food, exploring beaches and the beauty of nature.

So in the morning after a couple hours of driving, I decided to get a smoothie since I had a smoothie before I left home. I went to Jamba Juice and got the Razzmatazz smoothie which had bananas, strawberries, berries and oranges. It was really sweet and nice to have.


I was a happy girl after my smoothie fix!

After some more driving, once we got to Santa Cruz, we were getting hungry so decided to go to this restaurant by the beach. The view was soo beautiful and ordered some veggies- broccoli, cauliflower and carrots topped with a good amount of ketchup. I will admit this “lunch” was very small and not very filling but it was the only vegan option they had.


simple yet delicious

After relaxing and chillin at the beach for a while, I quickly got hungry since lunch was very small. So we went over to this vegan place called Dharma’s and it was soooo good!!!

Dinner was great with yummy vegetables, brown rice and spring rolls but had to start with a bowl of soup and a sweet potato to go with it which was perf because it was cold at that time. The veggie rolls were really nice but hard to chew with my braces lol.


Oh and like all that wasn’t enough, they had amazing dessert options so I had to get something!!!

Everything sounded sooo good but I had to choose just one so I went with a flavorful and delicious tasting raw red velvet cheesecake. It might sound weird but I promise it was amazing!! fullsizerender-3

Alright so the next day, after eating all that food, I wanted something simple, nutritious and still filling. So I went with the oatmeal at Starbucks, a banana and some raisins. It was everything I expected. They’re just as good as the Oatmeal I make at home, or at least close enough.IMG_0725 2.JPG

Later on we went over to the Boardwalk, which is really nice and really famous in Santa Cruz. So with all the rides and with the beach being close just had to snack a couple times during the day.

First snack/drink of the day ended up being a nice and cold Acai drink from one of the places at the boardwalk.


Sooo refreshing!

Decided to take a walk at the beach for a while as the Boardwalk was getting a bit too crowded and overwhelming. And that meant it was time for another snack break. This time I saw this place that was selling these potatoes on a stick and they looked really cool and interesting so I ended up getting some and put a tonn of ketchup on it. If you probably can’t tell, ketchup is kinda my thing!


It was soo delicious but really greasy as you can probably imagine. So if you’re diet is a no oil diet or don’t want to eat any junk then this is probably not a great option. But if not, then it’s a great cheat snack/meal.

Wow looking at all this food makes it look like I ate soo much! But oh well. Up next is dinner at the one and only Cafe Gratitude. I’ve always wanted to go there as I’ve heard so many great things about it and needless to say it met all my expectations and more.

I decided to go full out and get some incredible corn tacos. They were so rich and flavorful!! A bit junky but they were corn tacos and been snacking all day so it’s ok. If you end up getting it when you go, it’s called TRANSFORMED on the menu and well let’s just say it transformed me lol Definitely gotta try it!! Hell, I even want some right now


Love at first sight


This trip has been the best well mostly ’cause of the food, I’m sure you can agree lol. But we have one more morning before we head home. So it’s time to end where we started at Jamba. But this time instead of getting a smoothie, I’m getting an acai bowl or specifically the pitaya bowl. It’s really cool and refreshing which I love. But when I say cool, it’s actually super cold since they probably use frozen fruits. So if you want a hot meal for breakfast, skip the acai bowl and you can still get an oatmeal here like my mom did.

Either way, hope this inspired you to choose healthier, better options for when you’re out on a road trip next time instead of going to McDonalds or Wendy’s or something. You can still get good options from the places that I visited and if you reallly have to go to a fast food place then you can always go with a smoothie, salad, or a bowl of fruits and take the higher road! But don’t forget to treat yourself every now and then!!

You deserve it(:



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