Fun things to do in Santa Cruz

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A little while ago I went to Santa Cruz with my mom on a road trip and it was sooo much fun!!! It was full of nature and amazing views. The views and nature is so soothing and relaxing.  Especially in the summer time there’s no better place to be than at the beach but I wouldn’t mind being relaxed all year round. That’s why the beach is just one of my fav places to go to overall.

Entertainment :

There’s so many fun places and things to see in Santa Cruz but it’s hard to narrow it to just a few. Especially when there’s so many beautiful places so let’s get to it. This first place a beautiful view and tons of activities.

  1. Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk

    Of course I had to start with the one and only Boardwalk!! Anybody that knows Santa Cruz or has heard of it, has heard of this landmark. SO it’s basically an amusement park like Six Flags but what makes it so unique and different is that it’s right by the beach! So when you get tired of riding roller coasters ( like that’s gonna happen lol ) , you can go down to the beach to cool off and relax. The rides are really fun of course and exciting!       IMG_0734.JPG

  2.  West Cliff Dive :

    Such a gorgeous beach with a beautiful view!! Life is so much better at the beach and so much prettier I must say. Especially at this one. The views are amazing and it’s definitely a must see beach out of the many. IMG_0738.JPGimg_0739

  3. Natural Bridges State Beach

    You can never have too much beach so Natural Bridges is another one that I loved. It was absolutely beautiful and this place had me so calm and peaceful that I didn’t wanna leave.                                                                            fullsizerender-4


  1. Dharma’s

    I had some of the best food at this place called Dharma’s and everything there was just soo good. I got some veggies, spring rolls and rice for dinner there but what stood out to me the most wasn’t the dinner but the dessert. It might just be because I have the biggest sweet tooth. Either way, I had the most mouth watering and delicious raw red velvet cheesecake. I’ll give it a 20/10 !!

  2. Cafe Gratitude

    For as long as I can remember I’ve wanted to eat at Cafe Gratitude and my wishes finally came true. Not only is this place all vegan but I love their message and what they stand for with gratitude and love. I decided to get something a bit junky yet delicious because why the hell not?! The tacos were the best.

You’ve gotta go to these places they’re incredible!!

Living :

  1. Have a “photoshoot”

    Ok, so I love taking pictures and dressing up to take pictures. I’m the type of person that dresses up for holidays like St Patrick’s Day and all the seasons, yup! I find it very fun to wear cute, fashionable outfits and taking beautiful pictures. Thanks to my mom, I was able to do what I love and pose for the camera to take some pics. I also enjoy editing pics and that whole process. I found a wall covered by bushes and it contrasted perfectly with my outfit. It was sooo much fun and I think you should totally try it.

    2) Appreciate the little things

    Since I was only on this trip for a few short days, I wasn’t able to explore the entire city and do everything thre is to do. But that’s not always what’s important but instead if you just appreciate what’s around you then you’ll be so much happier like I was. It could be someone complimenting your hair at a store or the lovely smile from the lady at the hotel front desk or the changing colors on the trees. I love fall so seeing the warm, beautiful colors on the trees made me so happy and that’s all that matters.

Just remember to learn to make yourself happy in any situation and life will be great!

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