Vegan What I Eat in a Day (Summer)

Today’s topic is…. drumroll… food. If you love food, good food just as much as I do you’ll get some food inspo.

I’m gonna give you three meal ideas and one dessert… yup, you can have great, healthy vegan deserts too. I made a YouTube video on it too, so you can check that out too. 

  • Breakfast:

For breakfast, I would have Oatmeal with bananas and berries. I used the maple syrup and brown sugar instant oats packet and poured some almond milk in the bowl. And cook it in the microwave for about a 1:30 mins.(The minutes depend on your microwave though.)

It’s delicious and all the bright colors make it more summery.


  • Lunch:

For lunch, I wanted something refreshing so I went with some veggies and Siracha ketchup. All I did was steam some veggies and topped it with the Siracha Ketchup. If you love spicy, this is just the right amount. Oh and a little tip, adding fruits makes it so much more flavorful!


  • Dinner:

For dinner, I wanted something more filling with more carbs and veggies so I knew just the meal to put together. It’s a quinoa bowl with veggies and sweet potatoes. And if you haven’t tried quinoa yet, its soooo good, you have to try it. It’s very filling and great as a post workout meal too.



The moment you’ve been waiting for.. It’s so easy and delicious but it’s still good for you, what! Seriously you only need two ingredients: 2 bananas and an Acai packet. You can also substitute the Acai with fruits like berries or any fruits you like. Blend it or use a Yonana machine like I did. Then freeze it for a couple of hours and you just made a delicious dessert!


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