NY : Always a Good Idea!

Wow it’s been a looooooong New York minute since we’ve talked!! But let’s just say with school back in session life has been hectic. I know I haven’t been quite consistent, but that’s about to change! It’s been quite a while since winter break has ended but that’s ok because we have all the amazing and fun memories to look back on. SO for my break, I took a trip to the city of dreams and made mine come true(see what I did there lol) 

I spent about 7 days with my mom there but about 2 of the days were … let’s just say wasted. We got there on a Monday morning at about 4AM and we were pretty tired when we arrived so spent about the entire day sleeping and took a trip to Times Square to see all the magic and beautiful lights.


And later on so a comedy show with performers names I don’t remember lol

After that we headed back to the hotel to call it a day/night.

Then the Next Day we decided to switch hotels since ours in Jamaica was toooo far away from Manhattan and basically everything else. The whole process took about an entire day with phone calls and messages having to be sent and delivered. So once it was all settled, we got to the hotel in Manhattan, got some food and called it a day.

On Wednesday was when the real fun started!! So we got a pass with some sites to see for the rest of the time that we were there and went to see the Empire State Building which is one of the tallest skyscrapers in New York! The view was ah-mazing and was just incredible. With the lines and waits, the empire state experience took about an entire day but when we were done with that, we got some delicious food in Brooklyn.  IMG_2351.JPG

Thursday was quite a fun day with soo much to do and so many sights to see!! The day started with a tour of the Rockefeller Plaza where Jimmy Fallon and Seth Myers film their shows. Fun fact : I was #50 on the wait list for Seth Myers that day which was interviewing Mariah Carey BUT only 20 people got to go in. Anyways, after this interesting tour and learning so much about this amazing place filled with so much history and life, then we saw the St Patrick Cathedral and saw the BEAUTIFUL Rockefeller Christmas tree. IMG_2561.JPGAfter that it was time to go on top… top of the rock that is. This place had an unbelievable view of most of New York’s tallest skyscrapers and buildings. It was also cool  to see some of the cars and people walking and driving through. Later that night, we decided to check out NYC’s shopping scene and headed to no other than Manhattan Mall. Let me just say besides the ridiculously priced jackets and coats, it was beautiful seeing all the lights and holiday decor.


It’s Friday, friday! This day was really exciting because I had a photoshoot in Brooklyn and had so much fun posing and smiling in -5 degree weather! It was seriously sooo cold!! But still had sooo much fun and got amazing shots! img_3065So I had quite an adventure on the subway (train) where I got lost quite a few times but finally got to the spot. PS I felt so glam too after having my makeup done by a professional makeup artist! Saw some cool grafitti and headed back to the hotel in Manhattan.

The weekend’s here!! And there was nothing more beautiful than waking to rooftops and streets covered in snow. So it would only make sense to go to Central Park, play in the snow and take a tonn of pictures! And that’s just what I did. IMG_2767.JPGAnd then I saw the prettiest of ladiest- her name was Lady Liberty. Wow I’m So funny!! And ate some delish food to end the day! And oh, I also pretended that I was getting proposed to at Grand Central Station.

Sadly Sunday was leaving day and I was not ready to leave!! But just had some food, got some souvernirs and headed to the airport.

Definitely, if you get a chance to visit, you NEED to go to NYC!! And stay tuned for a post on all the DELICIOUS vegan food that I had in NY.



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