The time I went Skydiving

I still remember that day like it was yesterday but it was on May 21st 2016- my 18th birthday. It’s been my goal for a really long time to skydive and the fact that it got to be on my 18th birthday makes it even more special. So you might think I’m crazy or whatever but I’m actually not. Most people like adventure from time to time but skydiving i one of those things that people either really want to do…someday or it’s an activity they are absolutely terrified of. So to me it’s always been something I’ve wanted to do. If you’re wondering why, I’m here to tell you.

Ever since I can remember people have told me that I’m quiet or have a soft voice. And overtime I heard that, it made we want to change it and detach myself from those characteristics. I would always say once I go skydiving I will not be that way anymore. Sure you might think that I’m silly for thinking that jumping out of a 10,000 feet up high plane will make me a completely different person but it was more of a metaphor to let myself know that I can do whatever I want to and be whoever I want to with no boundaries. It was a very freeing and liberating feeling.

Although, skydiving did not make me the most outgoing person, it set the standards for my life and all that I’m capable of doing. And for the record, I’ve become a very easy to talk to and very friendly person not necessarily because I skydived but because I believed in myself. I’m one of those people who randomly compliments people or talk to people now, in a friendly way lol it’s actually really fun too!

I want to fill my experiences with more adventures and who knows what my next adventure will be… Lil’ tip, lose the makeup next time! You’re already shining.


Fly like a bird baby!

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