Can we do it all?!

That is the big question I seem to ask myself a lot and can’t help but get overwhelmed sometimes! With so many passions and interests, it’s so difficult to have to spend less time on some of them or worse, have to narrow it down to one. I hope you can relate!! It’s like making a mother choose who her favorite kid is or a makeup lover her favorite beauty product. We all have our thing and my thing sure does seem to be expressing myself online through my blog here, my youtube channel and the 3 different Instagrams I have- for personal pics, food and decor respectively.

Outside of my online world I’m also a freelance model that’s on the way to getting signed with an agency, a secret project I’m working on, am also a travel lover and all I wanna do is just travel the world and of course school.

And I know you might think that’s a lot but they’re all my babies and I wish I can spend time on them equally but I’m not able to do that and that’s where the struggle comes in. But they didn’t so it will be easy, only that it’s simple and possible. We have to prioritize and focus on what our heart tells us to do at that moment. At least that’s what I’m trying to do.

Hope I didn’t ramble too much but this has been on my mind for a while so thought I would share.

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Let me know if you deal with this issue too and how you deal with it. And Happy Valentine’s Day!



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