A Vegan Thanksgiving

This year, Thanksgiving was very unique and special to me and my family. Because not only was it my first thanksgiving as a vegan but it was also my first thanksgiving where I had to come home to family after going away to school. It was a first for a few things.

So it was definitely a fun and interesting experience. But I wasn’t completely alone in it since my mom is also almost completely vegan and my dad is well very supportive. When we got home from the airport, we put the tofurky  in the oven for however long it said to do it for and also heated up everything else ( stuffing, brownies, greens and a mushroom dish) and of course there was a vegan pumpkin pie for dessert and some vegan cupcakes too. Once everything was ready and I took alllll my pictures, it was finally time to eat!


Everything was delicious as it should be(: and it made my thanksgiving even better knowing that I was eating a compassionate meal filled will so much goodness and of course knowing that I was spending it with my amazing parents that I love and are loved by very much! We shared laughs, had fun times and had deep and serious conversations as families do.

If you wanna take a look at my plate, this is what it looks like.


My compassionate plate

Well I hope you’re thanksgiving was filled with love and gratitude on that day and everyday for everything that we are all blessed to have.

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