Easy Fall Room Decor DIYs

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It’s October and that means that fall is officially here and it’s time to get decorating for the season of warmness and coziness. No matter how small your space is, you can still get festive. If I can do it in a dorm room, you can doI it anywhere(:

Besides my bed, the nightstand is an important part of my room as it’s close to my bed.

1) So to spice it up for fall we’re going to need a wood slab, pumpkin, leaves, signs, flowers and any other accessories that you want to use. Use the wood slab as the base and arrange the fall items however you want till you’re happy with how it looks.


2) If you have shelves in your room like I do, then take advantage of them and display all your favorite items and decorate it. To have a nice fall flower arrangement, you’re going to need a vase or clear, open container and dried flowers. Just put the dried flowers in the vase and display it on the shelf.


3) Whether it’s seasonal or not, quotes are one of my favorite ways to decorate. So to make this fall sign, you’re going to need a shadow box, gold paper and sticker letters. I spelled out I love/heart fall on mine. To make the heart, I used a leaf, traced a heart and cut it out and stuck it with washi tape. and bordered the shadow box with washi tape aswell. img_0112

4) This next one is very similar but doesn’t use letters or leaves. To make this fall sign, you’re going to need an old sign that you can reuse- mine was from spring and a fall scrapbook paper. Then cover the sign up with the scrapbook paper and tape the back with washi tape. And display it on your shelves or dresser.


5) This one is not really a DIY but adding leaves and pumpkins to any space that needs it, makes the space more decorated for fall. It’s really easy and simple but it makes such a huge difference. I did that all over my shelves, nightstand, and desk. You can do it too(:


Hope you got some ideas from these and get inspired to make some DIYs and save some bucks(: These were really easy and fun to make so you should try them(:

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  1. The decorations are really cute, I like the ideas, I love using mason jars and flowers to spice up my room for fall. As well as candles from Walmart.

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