Meeting Inspirational People

I don’t know about you but I’m inspired by many people on a daily basis. Whether it’s from a TV show I watch and love (Pretty Little Liars) or Youtube Videos that I watch (The Hollywood Medium), I’m inspired, empowered and overall impacted by the work they do and the art they produce. So last weekend, I got to meet two people that I love and am inspired by. On Friday the 4th I got to meet Keegan Allen from Pretty Little Liars. He plays Toby, whose Spencer’s boyfriend in the show. Him and Spencer’s relationship is soo cute and romantic. They taught me so much about relationships and about friendships as well. But besides his role in the show, I love his photography so much! He is so great at what he does and I love the fact that he always has a camera with him wherever he goes. As somebody that also loves photography and filmmaking and editing, I definitely took a tip from that! There have been so many times where I go somewhere without a camera for a spontaneous photo shoot or to take pictures of nature and scenery and wish that I had a camera with me.  So thanks for that awesome comment Keegs! Other than the show and his amazing photography, something else that’s soo great about Keegan is his personality and how nice he is. Ok so when I met him, it was for a brief few seconds and didn’t really allow me to get to know him or even hug him! BUT even though I was sad that I didn’t get to hug him, I was happy when he said hi specifically to me and told me that it was nice to meet me. Might seem silly but it meant a lot to me. But then again I told him I love him and he didn’t say it back! Which had me really sad as well but guess it was too soon for that lol. But overall it was an amazing experience meeting him and hope that I’d get to see him again someday and get to know him better.

Now for the pics :


The next day, I g got to meet somebody that’s inspiring in a different way. So this book signing/ meet and greet was very spontaneous because it wasn’t planned or anything! I saw a sign outside Barnes and Noble the night before after meeting Keegan. And when I saw the name, and when I saw that I recognized it, I was excited! So I ran back into the store at around 11: 20 which was about 10mins before they would close and got the book and also got a store membership which came in handy the next day! I was really excited about meeting Tyler Henry as I’ve watched so many episodes of his show and loved them. I discovered Tyler on Youtube as I was just naturally going through my Youtube feed. So if you don’t know already, Tyler is a medium and stars in Hollywood Medium show where he reads different celebrities from Kris Jenner to Austin Mahone. I’ve always been fascinated by psychic and now mediums. Besides Tyler, I’ve also found the Psychic Twins on Youtube and they were really interesting as well and enjoyed watching their videos as I did Tyler’s. To me what’s inspiring about Tyler is his story. He had a dream at such a young age about something so tragic yet powerful and this dream was the beginning of his current life. He believed in that dream and created his life as it was meant to be. As a young adult navigating through this life, I have many goals, aspirations and dreams on what I want my life to be like and about. So although Tyler’s dream wasn’t necessarily to have his own show, it’s still really inspirational that he believed in the gift that he was given and made it his life’s mission. I think we can all learn a little something from that. I know I certainly did!

Oh and btw I also got to meet Keegan’s mom and Tyler’s parents which was just as great! Hope to meet more inspirations in the future while also working on my own goals.

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  1. i would love to meet inspirational people as well. But lately I have been so guilty of using the internet excessively and not reading much. I get distracted easily when I say I am going to “blog” and i end up wondering off to online shopping websites etc.

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    • I totally know what you mean!! I’m guilty of easily getting distracted by social media and shopping sites too!! But if you know that somebody you like is having a book signing or a meet and greet of some sort and you want to meet them, then you can always get the book to meet them and read it after.

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